16.02.2018 Handelsblatt Global. At Berlinale, TV is the new feature film. Marcus S. Kleiner im Gespräch mit Cathrin Schaer

Additionally technology also matters – the technical differences between film and TV are no longer so great. Everything’s digital and many households now have a “big screen” in the form of a large television. “You can no longer separate one type of media from another – everyone uses digital media,” said Marcus S. Kleiner, a professor of communications and media studies at the SRH Hochschule Berlin, a university of applied sciences. “You could actually just call the format ‘moving pictures.’ Something is changing in the way that audiences see movies and film festivals have to react to that.”


Mr. Kleiner isn’t so sure. Germany may have pioneered the movie business in the 1920s but it has not been as relevant in the past few decades. The Berlinale’s open attitude toward TV is a sign of the times, and the blurring lines in digital media could herald a new golden age for German film makers. “Germany is making a lot of good, relevant TV.” And, contrary to purist opinion, Mr. Kleiner will keep calling it TV. “To me, it’s not film, it’s still TV,” he says. “But with a difference.”

Quelle: Handelsblatt Global